Deteriorating Governance in Britain

Labour has five or maybe ten years to make sure the country is permanently repaired. There’s no point in treading water or doing the minimum only to risk an ultra right party come to power in a few of years.

As a minimum Labour must implement:

* proper PR (STV or equivalent and not some FPTP-lite),
* re-democratise the system starting with the Lords,
* stopping a long list of non-elected PMs being shoved down our throats,
* proper devolved government for regions such as Cornwall, Yorkshire and anywhere else where there’s support for it,
* A federal system to ensure Scotland, Wales and NI have a durable a strengthened relationship with London
* greater powers and financial stability for local government, nationalisation or at least effective and permanently independent regulation of utilities,
* A halt to second jobs by MPs and redirecting public funds to companies and individuals outside the civil service procurement system a criminal offence

That’s in addition to removing trade barriers with the EU, legislating against windfall profits and profiteering, and fully renationalising the NHS.

There is little point in dabbling but leaving the UK is substantially the same mess in five or ten years time.

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