I am a studying for my PhD in Cornish Studies, specifically Cornish Onomastics. The central thesis is that the study of names and naming has been an art rather than a science. But data analysis has the potential to change this, by involving the morphology of names, ethnosemantics (the study of what words mean in a cultural context), geo-spatial mapping techniques (where names are found), linguistic archaeology, one might say. 

I am presently at the data crunching phase of the study, designing and cutting code (in Java), and attempting to create a set of automated routines that may be run on any one of several datasets, including personal names from Early Medieval inscriptions, place names and later manuscripts. The outcome will be detailed geo-mapping of personal name data, and analysis of the grammar of Early Cornish naming. I am particularly interested in generalised and automated approaches to morphological analysis, but not going as far full machine learning (yet). I’m particularly interested in the future of virtual and augmented reality in the humanities, as I can see significant potential in blending structured data, GIS data, and 3D models.